1.) Mindfully feel your breath.
2.) Click each time you breathe out.

3.) If your mind wanders, notice what took it away and gently bring your attention back to your breath.

Choose Minutes


More minutes= More challenging

Choose a number of minutes according to your meditation experience:

1. Beginners (I have little or no experience): 1 or 3
2. Intermediate (I have some experience): 9 or 21
3. Advanced (I meditate regularly): 27
4. Mindful master (I have meditated regularly for years): 54

Ten tips:

1. Pick a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
2. Sit with your back upright on a cushion on the floor or a chair with your pc, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
3. Mindfully feel your breath. Notice where the breath goes when it enters and leaves your body.
4. Do not try to change the breath in any way. It may change naturally as you observe it.
5. When your mind wanders, note what took it away, then gently, with no blame or judgment, bring your attention back to the feeling of your breath and click.
6. Click every time you breathe out (Clicking may eventually help you to stay focused).
7. Be sure you click inside the box.
8. Continue with this exercise until the end of the session.
9. And remember: Mindfulness is not about doing, it is about being, you don’t have to achieve any special mind state or achieve any goal. Clicking is just an action to track your state.
10. Don’t focus on the goal of succeeding, the main goal is to feel your breath and click. This is not a competition. Results are not as important as the experience.


You give Minutes & $

Perks for your contribution/perks levels



1 mindful minute


Beginner-1Minute co-founder.

Your name permanently listed in the co-founders list. Yes, you can say it out loud “I AM A CO-FOUNDER OF MINDFULNETS”!

3 mindful minutes/$ or $5

Beginner-3M co-founder.

Highlighted recognition on our website and a special gratitude email from the initial co-founder, Miguel Quintana.

9 mindful minutes/$ or $10

Intermediate-9M co-founder.

 Recognition will be spread through your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube…) with links to your personal and professional digital webs.

21 mindful minutes/$ or $20

Intermediate-21M co-founder.

 Participation in the co-creation of new features through polls aimed at rating the interest in different kinds of functionalities or contents.

27 mindful minutes/$ or $30

Advance-27M co-founder.

 Your insights from your practice will be displayed in a prominent place to inspire others to train in mindfulness.

54 mindful minutes/$ or $50

Mindful Master co-founder.

 Your profile will be listed in the mindful master co-founder panel.

 Notice: *every level includes the perks from all the preceding levels.





1 mindful minute + $99


Top 10 early mindful co-founders.

 The privilege and honor to be one of the first ten co-founders.

Your name will be listed in a prominent place and recognition will be spread in your social media networks.

Your photo will be added to the center of the home page photo-collage.

1 mindful minute + $59


Top 100 early mindful co-founders11-100.

 Your photo will be displayed in the home page photo-collage as a co-founder.

Discounts for training courses and programs in mindfulness.