The Mindful Click Community: Benefits of sharing your practice online

Posted On Oct 3 2013    Author :Faith Fogel
We're meant to connect!  Your online mindfulness community can help...(Photo by Vjeran Lisjak, Stock Exchange)

We’re meant to connect! Your online mindfulness community is an important piece of the puzzle ;) (Photo by Vjeran Lisjak, Stock Exchange)

The great meditation master Thich Nhat Hanh has a simple piece of advice that can revolutionize how you relate to others and technology.  When your phone rings, and you feel that twitchy finger reaction insisting you answer without delay, consider this: Your phone will ring 3 or 4 more times, the person on the other line will wait a moment, and for the next few rings you can take deep breaths in and out, answering a couple of rings later with a calm content voice.  You will feel better, the caller will feel more welcomed, and the communication will likely flow more naturally.

A similar ripple effect happens when we use our technology for good instead of for spreading gossip, anxiety, and stress.  The wise approach to technology is to recognize, accept, and embrace it for all its potential good.

Mindfulnets exists to promote an active, engaged online community where you can share you practice.  Here’s 3 great reasons to share your mindfulness practice online:

You are not alone:  As one teacher always reminds me, we don’t practice by and for ourselves.  As the ripple analogy of Thich Nhat Hanh’s phone advice shows, each time we interact with mindfulness and technology, that ripples out and affects many others.  Technology and modern office life can have an isolating effect.  One antidote is to find a mindfulness homes online, where you can practice in the moment, even in the midst of a busy day at the office, and see that others are there with you, taking mindful breaths, doing their best to send positive ripples out in their phone calls, texts, and emails.  Your online mindfulness community provides and invaluable reminder…you are not alone.

Mindfulness is worth the time:  The most common myth we succumb to is that we need to constantly multitask, and “gain” time by cutting out “extras” like mindfulness.  Your online mindfulness community will help you remember that tuning in to your breath for a few minutes is valuable, necessary, and a great way to reduce stress.  These benefits make you naturally more efficient without cramming in ten things at once or cancelling relaxation time.  Use your Mindfulnets network to see how many other busy professionals are taking the time.

You don’t have to climb a distant mountain:  It’s great to get away when we can.  But sometimes we just can’t.  An online mindfulness practice and community lets you engage in mindfulness in everyday ways that are just as valuable and necessary as going to a faraway, beautiful place to practice.  On the train, in the office, while your kids are running around, you can still connect with a caring, mindful community.