Mindfulnets: Co-creating an Online Global Mindfulness With You

Posted On Nov 3 2013    Author :Faith Fogel


Mindfulnets is for you!  Co-create a mindful, global mindfulness with us. (Photo by Nico van Diem, Stock Exchange)

Do you want to lead a happier, healthier life? Would you like to reduce stress, be less affected by the ups and downs of daily life, or feel more equipped to deal with a medical concern?  Would you like to increase your mindfulness, and have more support for your mindfulness practice?  Are you busy, and looking for a way to fit mindfulness in because you know it can ease that overload feeling?  If you found yourself saying “yes” then you are like most people, and that means that Mindfulnets was designed and co-created for you and to support the Global Mindfulness!

Mindfulnets is for both new and advanced practitioners, including those dealing with stress-related medical concerns such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, chronic stress, and burnout.  It’s for anyone who wants to be more productive, focused, and aware.  It’s for everyone who cares about their emotional well being.

Mindfulnets is also for mindfulness teachers.  Teachers will be able to outreach students, create student groups and track students’ daily practice.  The Mindfulnets platform will allow teachers to send customized support messages to students and upload tutorials and videos, so students and teachers stay connected even when they are travelling or immersed in the rigors of daily life.

In Western culture, there is a growing interest in, and more and more scientific evidence supporting the connections between mind and body.   Mindfulnets combines the wisdom of age old eastern contemplative practices with science research and new technology to create a platform for mind/body health professionals, as well as psychologists, physicians, and coaches.  These professionals can use Mindfulnets to gain further training and practice support for themselves and their clients.

Mindfulnets is for  you, your students, your community.  We support your practice and enhance your connections.  Join us in co-creating a mindful, global mindfulness community online and offline.