The mindful cofounder manifesto


Here and now at 05:04 am, on June 21st, the 2013 summer solstice…


This    day marks a beginning; it is an opening point to start uniting people from all over the world, forging connections that will contribute to the transformation of our minds and create a better world on a global scale.


Merging Mindfulness and Technology: The mindful co-founder manifesto.


This manifesto is a declaration of my intentions, motives and views as an early mindful co-founder. It presents my personal viewpoint on meditation practice and the vision to merge mindfulness and technology. This vision may coincide with like-minded people all over the world. This manifesto is open to other people’s opinions and subject to community consensus.


I believe the world will be a better place to live when we include mindfulness practice in our daily life.

  1. Everyone has the right to be supported on their inner journey to discover their real nature and develop their potential as a human being. There are many different ways to achieve these goals. Mindfulness practice is a way to approach the process with patience, trust, acceptance and curiosity.
  2. Stress, suffering, disease and pain happen in life. By recognizing this fact we can find a path to mindfully deal with these circumstances with awareness, understanding and compassion.
  3. Mindfulness is intentionally paying attention to and accepting the present moment. It can be practiced by focusing our attention on our senses and sensations as they are occurring in the present moment. One can direct their attention to the feeling of breathing, walking, or listening to others with no judgment while working, commuting, doing daily chores or relaxing.
  4. Mindfulness practices include being mindfully aware of emotions, thoughts, feelings, sensations or surrounding stimuli. Mindfulness is not about doing, or reaching a particular goal. It is about being our true selves and becoming kinder, wiser and more compassionate people.
  5. Mindfulness is not a religion, it is scientifically based and known to improve health, create an increased sense of well-being and promote productivity. Mindfulness practice is backed by scientific evidence that supports its benefits on health, well-being and performance.
  6. Mindfulness practice helps us contribute to each other’s happiness and overcome suffering. A community or social network around the practice of mindfulness shall foster support and help anyone who has lost his/her path for a healthy and happy life.
  7. Merging mindfulness, science and technology will lead to happiness for all.
  8. Mindfulness-based interventions will be available and delivered online by professionals, teachers and health specialists and other talented individuals who can demonstrate expertise based on their personal practice and professional training.
  9. Mindfulness practice is hard to stick with. It requires bravery, support, self-discipline, motivation and a burning desire to stick with regular practice.
  10. Everyone is capable of inspiring another person to keep meditating. Technology can facilitate this process by promoting interactions among those who are willing to practice.
  11. Mindfulness practice can be engaging, rewarding and sharable. This includes the online world. It is an inner-active practice that can also be virtually interactive.
  12. The internet, mobile phones and technology are all too often a source of distraction and stress; but they can also be used to train attention, to promote discipline and enhance positive human attitudes like understanding and compassion.
  13. Access to mindfulness practice online will be available anytime and anywhere and will not be a matter of cost. Mindfulness practice online will be simple and enjoyable, providing the opportunity to give and get support and encouragement from your friends, relatives or mindfulness teachers.
  14. aims to crowd-fund to further the building of the world’s first interactive online platform for facilitating the daily practice of mindfulness with a single click.
  15. Any person can become part of this project. You just needs to pay attention, breathe, click online and contribute at least US$1. If you don’t have US$1, ask a friend, a co-worker or us to sponsor your participation.
  16. A mindful co-founder is anyone who has experience of at least one mindful minute online and has contributed to crowd-fund this project. We can be part of the history of the internet.
  17. A mindful co-founder can store their mindfulness minutes online. These mindful minutes will provide inspiration and create evidence of our commitment to evolve a better world by training our minds.
  18. Every mindful minute online will be an economic contribution, a donation to help overcome suffering. I give, I receive, everyone receives.
  19. By practicing one single mindful minute online we contribute to  improving ourselves and the world. Understanding arises in our hearts, strength in our bodies, well-being and clarity in our minds. Kindness and compassion abound.
  20. I can be part of this by adding mindful minutes, money, my talent, or time to help build and maintain this project.
  21. I will spread the word and share the opportunity to join this community with my loved ones, friends and co-workers.
  22. The benefits I get from being a co-founder are: to be part of something that helps me to learn and practice mindfulness online, to be recognized for this worthy endeavor, to interact with others, to give and get support, to experience a sense of connectedness, to gain access to tools and features to train in mindfulness online.
  23. The platform to being built, will be available on the domain which will facilitate online mindfulness practice across cultures, ages, gender, countries and languages, regardless of personal background.
  24. will transform the way people approach, practice and share the experience of meditation by doing it simultaneously online.
  25. will be a tool for my meditation practice and for sharing the experience, helping me to inspire and get inspired, a resource to find clear guidelines, to get immediate feedback and to have a sense of progress.
  26. users get: the chance to learn and practice mindfulness online, receiving  feedback and guidelines, tracking progress, getting support and sharing insights.
  27. is for meditation practitioners, professionals and organizations who create and join groups to train together in mindfulness online, enhancing both their practice and their sense of connectedness.
  28. Someone may call “online mindfulness training with a click” sheer madness. We call it, here now, and everywhere. Training in mindfulness online for a healthier and happier life. Enjoying the mindful click effect.
  29. By accepting this invitation, I agree or further contribute to this manifesto; I join this project as a mindful co-founder to crowd-fund and co-create this platform to facilitate online mindfulness training.

Miguel Quintana. A mindful co-founder like you.

The path of a happy life is paved with mindfulness and living with mindfulness is the way to meet our true nature and potential as human beings.