Obstacles to mindfulness practice and how to overcome them with web and mobile apps

Posted On Oct 17 2013    Author :millioncofounder

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Co-creating an online supportive community for mindfulness practice to overcome stress-related medical concerns and life challenges.

Dear colleagues and friends. Thank you very much for your participation in the poll asking for your expert opinion regarding the obstacles to mindfulness practice, and the best means for overcoming them with web and mobile apps. Below I would like to share some preliminary results with you:

1. Regarding the three main obstacles for practicing meditation on a daily basis:

Lack of time was reported as the number one obstacle (56%), followed by lack of motivation as #2, and lack of support as #3.

2. Concerning the three main problems mindfulness teachers face when promoting mindfulness-based practices:

Lack of means for encouraging a regular practice was considered the main obstacle (57%), followed by difficulties in making meditation more appealing and engaging as #2, and being unable to foster integration of practice into their daily life as #3.

3. About how web and mobile apps can help people develop a regular mindfulness practice:

Creating a supportive community was the main help proposed (68%), followed by making meditation practices available on the go as #2, and being able to provide direct progress feedback as #3.

That’s all for now, an extended report is coming soon. With your excellent help, we keep on developing and furthering an online community to support the practice of mindfulness.

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