Frequently Asked Questions

Get your perks according to your contribution. See below:


You give Minutes & $ Perks for your contribution/perks levels
1 mindful minute
Beginner-1Minute co-founder. Your name permanently listed in the co-founders list. Yes, you can say it out loud “I AM A CO-FOUNDER OF MINDFULNETS”!
3 mindful minutes/$ or $5 Beginner-3M co-founder. Highlighted recognition on our website and a special gratitude email from the initial co-founder, Miguel Quintana.
9 mindful minutes/$ or $10 Intermediate-9M co-founder. Recognition will be spread through your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube…) with links to your personal and professional digital webs.
21 mindful minutes/$ or $20
Intermediate-21M co-founder. Participation in the co-creation of new features through polls aimed at rating the interest in different kinds of functionalities or contents.
27 mindful minutes/$ or $30
Advance-27M co-founder. Your insights from your practice will be displayed in a prominent place to inspire others to train in mindfulness.
54 mindful minutes/$ or $50 Mindful Master co-founder.Your profile will be listed in the mindful master co-founder panel.Notice: *every level includes the perks from all the preceding levels.  
 1 mindful minute + $99  Top 10 early mindful co-founders.The privilege and honor to be one of the first ten co-founders. Your name will be listed in a prominent place and recognition will be spread in your social media networks. Your photo will be added to the center of the home page photo-collage.
1 mindful minute + $59  Top 100 early mindful co-founders11-100.Your photo will be displayed in the home page photo-collage as a co-founder.Discounts for training courses and programs in mindfulness.

Technology  is all around us and can be a source of distraction and stress. However, we believe technology can be used as a means to support and reward meditation practice. This project merges mindfulness-based excercises and technology.Let’s build it together. Watch the  1-minute video here

The resulting platform will provide numerous advantages to individuals with stress-related medical issues and will serve as a tool for mental health professionals and healthcare organizations and companies.

With your help, Mindfulnets will create tools to give you direct and immediate feedback on your meditation practice, including features to receive reminders and support from your friends, access to expert’s advice, and the chance to create or join an online meditation group.

Mindfulnets will be the first site in the world to train in mindfulness online with a single click. And this method provides a unique benefit! I call it “the mindful click effect”.The app is easy to use: just pay attention, breathe and click, then your results display. The app is kept simple, yet its KEY ADDED BENEFIT IS UNIQUE: TRACKING OF THE PROGRESS OF YOUR MINDFULNESS STATE.

This platform is about helping you to train in mindfulness, to promote a healthy mind, to reduce stress, and increase your sense of well-being.  Watch the video of what it is going to provide:  Mindfulnets. Training in mindfulness online with a click


Choose a number of minutes according to your meditation experience: (Beginners (I have little or no experience): 1 or 3/ Intermediate (I have some experience): 9 or 21/ Advanced (I meditate regularly): 27/ Mindful master (I have meditated regularly for years): 54)

Easy and fun: Get comfortable, no need to sit like a Yogi! Focus your attention. Breathe and click.

  1. Pick a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Sit with your back upright on a cushion on the floor or a chair with your pc, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
  3. Mindfullly feel your breath. Notice where the breath goes when it enters and leaves your body.
  4. Do not try to change the breath in any way. It may change naturally as you observe it.
  5. When your mind wanders, note what it took it away, then gently, with no blame or judgment, bring your attention back to the feeling of the breath and click.
  6. Click every time you breathe out. Clicking may eventually help you to stay focused.
  7. Continue with this exercise until the end of the session.
  8. Be sure you click inside the box.
  9. Mindfulness is not about doing, it is about being, you don’t have to achieve any special mind state or achieve any goal. Clicking is just an action to track your state. Don’t focus on the goal of succeeding, the main goal is to feel your breath and click.
  10. This is not a competition. Results are not as important as the experience.



Mindfulness based attention and breathing exercises are beneficial to still and focus our mind. However, very rarely, some people may feel uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, anxious, have a lack of air; or if you simply don’t want to keep on with the session, simple close the page.

Follow these four easy stepts to calm down:

  1. Open your eyes
  2. Breathe in and out completely three times.
  3. Stretch your body slowly.
  4. Move and shake your arms and legs.

Hi, I’m Miguel Quintana, a PhD student and an entrepreneur in the field of mindfulness and digital mind-body health care.

I have a special interest in how we human beings transform our suffering into wisdom with the basic skills of attention and awareness. I deeply believe that we can access inner resources such as awareness, attention, and compassion to overcome mental suffering.

The deepest motivation in my life is to better understand how we as human beings transform our own limitations and suffering by entering into exploration and wisdom.

I have experienced the negative effects of stress and the benefits of a mindfulness practice. There are many different ways to cope with stress, from chilling out with friends, to playing sports, to reading a good book; technology can also play an important role. While technology can be a source of distraction; it can also help us to learn and train our minds to be more focused and at peace. During the last few years, web and mobile apps are showing their potential to promote our health and well-being, anywhere and anytime.

I have been developing scientifically tested mindfulness-based web and mobile apps for the last 5 years. I consider myself a reluctant entrepreneur and an unwilling meditation practitioner but every day the inner flame inspiring me to work on this project and to sit for meditation, has caused me to face my own limitations.

These two areas in my life, this startup project and meditation practice, have given me the insight to create tools to support a mindfulness practice using technology. And this project is not just about a website; this is about living a healthy and mindful life.

In essence, there is a behind-the-stage story that has traced my interest in the human mind and guided me to learn more about how human beings transform our suffering into wisdom with the basic warmhearted skills of awareness and compassion.

Deeply rooted in my soul, an endless source of inspiration in whatever I do, is the memory of my father dealing with his inner suffering. My earliest memory is of his daily suffering from a severe chronic mental illness, schizophrenia. He has been struggling for 40 years vacillating between his own perceptions of glory and misery, rooted in the past or a future that never arrives; meanwhile has been unable to touch the present moment to live it as it is.

Witnessing his delusions has given me a heightened awareness of my own mental suffering and that of others.

Thus, it is the deepest motivation in my life: To better understand how we can overcome suffering by creating a healthy mind, using mindfulness training technology. My mission is to further develop evidence-based and user-friendly mindfulness apps that will help us to evolve healthy minds, to feel better and to be more productive.

Stress is one of the leading problems in our society today. Stress is related to several diseases and health concerns including cardiovascular problems, cancer, diabetes, chronic pain and depression and anxiety. Depression affects about 121 million people worldwide. By the year 2020, depression is projected to be one of the two major disabling health concerns (World Health Organization, 2012).

The total expenditure on mental health is also dramatically rising. In the US, work-related stress is a big problem. Stress costs American businesses an estimated $300 billion per year according to the American Institute of Stress.

The global challenge is to enhance the individual’s mind strength to promote overall health and well-being or to address stress-related chronic diseases.

Any person willing to build and participate in a community promote online mindfulness training for stress reduction and to foster a healthier and happier life can become a co-founder of the Mindfulnets platform.

Individuals, patients, health care professionals and medical doctors, as well as any company or organization’s representative can have the privilege of becoming a co-founder.

Co-founders will be part of something great in the history of the internet. You will participate in the mindfulness awakening revolution. Time is limited, happiness is available, so be mindful now. Will you join us?

Because you wish to live a healthier and happier life. This is the ultimate mission we have in our life as human beings, to be happy, to know our true self, and to spread unconditional love, expecting nothing in return. Be part of this and join visionary people who are philanthropists at heart, contributing to a vision that will benefit us to live a more mindful, healthier and happier life.

Yes, you can say it out loud, I M COFOUNDER OF SOMETHING GREAT. As a co-founder, you are an entrepreneur in the field of mindfulness technology, in the science of happiness, merging science, technology and contemplative practices.

Meditation practice is simple but it is not easy to stick to. That’s why I intend to create a platform which will help mindfulness practitioners stick to a practice that allows us to stay more focused, to feel better, to reduce stress and to enhance our well-being.

Technology is all around and can be a source of distraction and stress. However, here, technology is used as a means to support and reward meditation practice. I will create tools to give you direct and immediate feedback on your meditation practice, reminders, friends support, access to expert’s advice and the chance to create or join an online meditation team.

Absolutely. Invite as many people as you want, friends, family members, colleagues.  These are the people who are going to share your excitement to be part of something big that is going to last for generations. Connect them with the opportunity to experience their true nature and to train a healthy mind, something simple but where the mystery of life relies on.

Through Mindfulnets, co-founders across the globe are making small investments to build something great for the world. Mindfulnets provides training tools to promote a healthy mind and to overcome stress-related health issues.

Mindfulnets needs your help to fund and bring this product to the world. In addition to money, we need web developers and designers, UX and UI experts, content managers, social media and marketing specialists, servers, hosting and plenty of tea and chocolate chip cookies to keep working on this project.

The project will be building will be an ongoing process, based on the contributions Mindfulnets gets from this crowd-funding web site. There is a detailed plan of things to be done to build this wonderful project. Let’s do it together.

* Mindfulnets crowd-funding campaign is a reward-based crowd-funding initiative. In other words, funding Mindfulnets by garnering the financial support of many small backers who receive a recognition or a reward in exchange for early-stage backing. Reward-based crowdfunding does not reward investors with company ownership.

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.” (Jon Kabat-Zinn, Wherever You Go, There You Are – Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life, page 4, Hyperion, 2005).

“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.”― Jon Kabat-Zinn


Watch the 4-minute video on What is #mindfulness by Jon Kabat-Zinn: …


Preliminary promising results of online mindfulness training: Miguel Quintana

This platform is based on a scientific approach to mindfulness training for health, wellbeing and performance. It has been used in research and medical settings, and now it will be adapted for you. The free beta version was developed for research in mindfulness.

As part of my PhD studies, this web app is scientifically tested and preliminary data are already published. So far, more than 1,200 users have joined the free beta version and have helped me test the benefits of online mindfulness training.

Preliminary results show a high correlation among trait mindfulness, high scores in the “mindful click exercise” and low levels of perceived stress. This pilot study has been presented recently at the 17th Annual Conference of Cyberpsychology in Brussels, Belgium. Source:

Scientific background of mindfulness benefits: David Black.

Mindfulness-based interventions combine Eastern meditation techniques with Western psychological methods. This integrating health model has experienced an exponential growth of 2000% in the last 10 years in medical and psychological publications*.

A significant number of studies have concluded that mindfulness helps to reduce physical and psychological symptoms of stress-related health concerns and that it is a psychological skill that can be acquired through training. *Source: Mindfulness Research Guide,

Who is this project for?

Join this project to get through stress-related life challenges. Mindfulnets is for stressed out workers, cancer patients, and people suffering from depression, anxiety or chronic pain. It’s also for people who just want to feel better, increase their awareness, and be more focused and productive.

Individuals, professionals and companies will benefit from this platform.

  • Users can train in mindfulness and have immediate feedback and support, anytime and anywhere.
  • Mental health professionals, physicians and coaches will track and support their clients’ and patients’ practice.
  • Companies will be able to reduce the cost of stress-related medical expenses.



So far I have spent all my savings building what you can see now. What is done is the basic web app to train in mindfulness online.

I need your help to evolve the platform to the next level: More exercises to train in mindfulness, compassion, awareness and attention; great functionalities, such as creating your own group and sharing comments and experience with your friends; a professionals’ section where you can upload your videos, audios and tutorials for free; an organizations’ section where research, medical or health institutions or companies have dedicated space for their members. And much more based on your ideas and feedback!

We need you in the team. Mindful users, project managers, managing directors, web designers and developers, mobile app developers, graphic designers, UX and UI experts, content contributors, copywriters, marketing experts, ambassadors, advocates, activists and benefactors, mindfulness teachers, researchers and scientists… and mindful cookies backers…

To make this bigger and more accessible to millions of people I need you joining as a co-founder.

You can contribute with 1, 3, 9, 21, 27 or 54 minutes at a time. The more minutes, the more challenging and the bigger your financial contribution can be to crowd-fund this project.

Once you succeed in being mindful during your chosen number of minutes, you can convert them into a financial contribution.

You can also contribute with an additional gift amount, get additional rewards and become a special co-founder.

The main point is that you need to be mindful for at least 1 minute in order to become a mindful co-founder. This will give you the insight to understand the essence of this project. Co-founders of Mindfulnets are invited not only to invest money, but also to contribute with your ideas and effort to the extent that you wish.

Once you are an official co-founder you can continue adding minutes of practice to your profile. While the crowd-funding campaign is active you will have the chance to participate in mindfulness practice challenges and reach new levels.

You will receive an email with your username and password to login anytime you want to practice mindfulness meditation online. You can continue adding minutes of mindful practice to your profile. You will be in the ranking to inspire and get inspiration from other co-founders.

The ranking of mindful co-founders will be displayed on We as users will participate in different challenges: The More Days In a Row prize; the First in Reaching Stages of Minutes award. You will receive support and rewards to foster a regular practice to gain the most out of your mindfulness practice.

By training in mindfulness you make yourself a better, happier and more compassionate person. By doing it online you will share your experience with millions of people. In this way, we will transform our minds, our relationships, and the world for the better.

The vision is to make Mindfulnets the most popular web platform for online healthy mind training and to promote health and well-being through mindfulness.

The goals are:

  1. To reach 1M registered users in less than 3 years’ time.
  2. To make Mindfulnets a useful platform for mind-body health professionals to teach and support their clients.
  3. To make Mindfulnets an important online research tool for mindfulness researchers.
  4. To contribute in the area of mindfulness research with significant publications regarding the evidence that online healthy mind training promotes higher levels of health, well-being and performance.

Besides all this, I envision Mindfulnets having partnerships with the world’s most outstanding mindfulness experts and centers in the world.

We promise not to share your information with any outside organizations. Your mailing email address will be used by our team to send you information about how the web is being developed.

We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously and will never sell or share your information with anyone. Your private information remains absolutely confidential. In the co-founder list your name can be hidden if you choose.

Drop me a line; I will try to help you as soon as possible. Send an email to: miguel.quintana (the symbol you know)