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Love your distractions…they’re perfect!

Posted On Oct 21 2013
  I have had the experience of sitting at meditation retreats in rooms full of people who seemed to be meditating perfectly.  How did I know?  They were sitting straight, they were less fidgety than me, they looked peaceful.  Then, when the teacher asked for questions, one of those “perfect meditators” would inevitably raise their [...]

Obstacles to mindfulness practice and how to overcome them with web and mobile apps

Posted On Oct 17 2013
  Co-creating an online supportive community for mindfulness practice to overcome stress-related medical concerns and life challenges. Dear colleagues and friends. Thank you very much for your participation in the poll asking for your expert opinion regarding the obstacles to mindfulness practice, and the best means for overcoming them with web and mobile apps. Below [...]

Welcome to the Beginning!

Posted On Oct 14 2013
“Any one meditating for the first time?” asked a teacher leading a meditation class one night a few years ago.  I raised my hand in that shaky shy way beginners sometimes do, because of course, we all think it would be way cooler to be advanced. “How wonderful” said the teacher “you’ll never be in [...]

Harvest the Ordinary: Mindfulness at Work

Posted On Oct 8 2013
    “Beware the barreness of a busy life”   -Socrates   Work.  If we do it out of the house, we likely spend at least 8 hours, or a whopping third of our day, in some cubbie, office, or building.  Add on commuting time and it becomes more than a third.  And if we work [...]

Mindful Minutes Multiply: Do you have the time?

Posted On Sep 23 2013
  Time management sounds so tasky and official.  But as a freelancer and independent businesswoman, I’ve been struggling with it lately.  And worst of all, I’ve skipped mindfulness practice to deal with the lack of time I’ve been feeling.  FYI: Skipping mindfulness practice does not help. But why?  It seems perfectly reasonable that if I’m [...]