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The Mindfulnets Community: Why, How and What

Posted On Nov 11 2013
  The first time I ever meditated, the teacher instructed us to keep our eyes open, with a soft gaze focused about 6 feet ahead.  Of course, there are many different methods and the idea is to find the method that works for you.  But in that particular method, the goal was to integrate mindfulness [...]

Mindfulnets: Co-creating an Online Global Mindfulness With You

Posted On Nov 3 2013
  Do you want to lead a happier, healthier life? Would you like to reduce stress, be less affected by the ups and downs of daily life, or feel more equipped to deal with a medical concern?  Would you like to increase your mindfulness, and have more support for your mindfulness practice?  Are you busy, [...]

Twice a day, for two weeks, and you can’t do it wrong…Just Breathe

Posted On Oct 24 2013
When was the last time you paid attention to your breath?  If you are anything like I was before I started meditating, the answer may be never.  It’s amazing as we go through life, preoccupied with this and that, we forget this simple point of gratitude:  I’m breathing, effortlessly, without even thinking about it, the [...]

Love your distractions…they’re perfect!

Posted On Oct 21 2013
  I have had the experience of sitting at meditation retreats in rooms full of people who seemed to be meditating perfectly.  How did I know?  They were sitting straight, they were less fidgety than me, they looked peaceful.  Then, when the teacher asked for questions, one of those “perfect meditators” would inevitably raise their [...]

Welcome to the Beginning!

Posted On Oct 14 2013
“Any one meditating for the first time?” asked a teacher leading a meditation class one night a few years ago.  I raised my hand in that shaky shy way beginners sometimes do, because of course, we all think it would be way cooler to be advanced. “How wonderful” said the teacher “you’ll never be in [...]

Meditate…it can change your brain!

Posted On Oct 10 2013
Science shows that mindfulness and meditation can change your brain. (Images from research article by Wendy Hasenkamp, Ph.D.,  neuroscientist and Senior Scientific Officer at the Mind & Life Institute.) It’s 8:55 a.m., do you know where your posterior cingulate cortex is, or what it is doing?  Wait, let me back up, do you even know [...]